Boozy Bitches Coolie

Sweet or Spicy Apparel

Coolie with "Boozy Bitches" imprint in white script.  Great for soda, beer, juice and other canned beverages, our custom coolie will keep your hands warm and dry while your drinks maintain a cold temperature. Often referred to as beer sleeves, can insulators or coolies, these coolies are durable and lightweight drink holders made to keep your beverages cold and fresh.  Made with premium-quality authentic Neoprene (not polyurethane foam).

Colors: Burgundy, pink camo, peach, red, aqua, teal, hot pink, mint

We all have that group of gal pals that we can get quite Boozy with!

Material:  3mm Neoprene
Dimensions:  Fits 12 oz Can

$ 6.50

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